Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices is a practice philosophically, not a curriculum or program, rooted in the belief that wrongdoing is best addressed through collectively identifying the harm done by one’s actions and taking steps to repair that harm. Restorative Practices focuses on the 5R’s: relationship, respect, responsibility, repair and reintegration. Restorative Practices, unlike traditional discipline models, focus to give all parties involved a voice, identify motivation and impact of action, teach alternative behaviors, repair damage done, and build empathy in an authentic way. 

Students and staff will be engaging in community building through restorative dialogue and proactive circles in the classroom setting. Students and staff will also be participating in responsive circles or formal conferences if there are conflicts or harm that needs to be repaired. 

Restorative Practice has been developed with one specific goal in mind; to support and facilitate the building of healthy relationships through improved communication and personal development. When individuals have positive relationships with others, there is abundant personal growth, capacity for character building and a high level achievement in all areas of life. 

Restorative Practice vs Traditional Discipline

For more information, see the Restorative Justice Colorado website.
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